The Health Benefits of Pumpkins

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The Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be beneficial in a lot of ways beyond decorating your front porch on Halloween. Many people don’t realize this, but pumpkins have a lot of health benefits when they are consumed. This does not mean eating a slice of pumpkin pie everyday either because that is loaded with added sugars and other artificial flavorings. To truly get the health benefits of a pumpkin, it must be consumed without any unnatural added ingredients.

Pumpkins are a nutrient dense food that is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure will benefit from the potassium in the pumpkin. This electrolyte can regulate blood pressure in the body and reduce the chances of getting a heart attack. Fiber, of course, is great for the digestive system and health of your gut. As a result, you will have less constipation and feelings of sluggishness.

The Advantages of Eating Pumpkins

The high amount of Vitamin A and antioxidants in pumpkins can benefit your eye health immensely. One particular antioxidant in pumpkins called zeaxanthin helps filter the sun’s UV rays as they’re shining down onto the retina of your eyes. Anyone who wants to prevent macular disease or any other eye related illness in their later years should start consuming more pumpkin now while they’ve still got time.

Become Healthier with Pumpkins

You can consume either the flesh or seeds of the pumpkin to get these health benefits. The seeds actually contain quite a bit more nutrients as well. With just 100 grams of pumpkin seeds, you will receive protein, zinc, fiber, selenium, niacin, iron, and an amino acid named tryptophan. The body uses this amino acid to create protein and assist in regulating your mood with a chemical known as serotonin. Therefore, you will both feel better and stay physically healthier when you consume seeds. If you consistently stay on a steady diet of pumpkin seeds, you will lose weight around your waistline as well.

Aside from not consuming pumpkin pie, do not consume any other processed versions of pumpkin either. You simply need to purchase 100% natural organic pumpkin, cut it open, gut it out, peel it, and slice up the flesh. You can then use a food processor to mash up the pumpkin flesh and seeds until they become a nice pureed solution. To enhance the flavor more, mix some maple syrup or vanilla soy milk with the ½ cup of puree.

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