The Experience of Being a Soho House Member

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The Experience of Being a Soho House Member

Creative people work and socialize at a Soho House. There are several of these houses throughout the world and they are all run by the Solo House company. When you apply to become a member of Soho House, there are 4 types of memberships available. You will choose a membership that is based on your current age and living situation. Adults of all ages who live close to a Soho House will choose the Local House membership. Adults without a Soho House in their local area will choose Every House membership, which gives them access to all the Soho Houses throughout the world. Likewise, there are special versions of Local House and Every House memberships for creative applicants who are under 27 years of age.

The Benefits of a Soho House Membership

Being a Member of Soho House is basically like joining a private club which is exclusive to creative artists only. You will be expected to pay a joining fee and a yearly membership fee to Soho House. Anyone serious about the creative work they do will find this membership to be worth the investment. Not only does the Soho House provide a quiet and peaceful place to work, you can also meet other creative people and make new contacts in your industry. Many Soho Houses come fully equipped with food, fitness machines, and comfortable furniture. Members are not supposed to bring any food into the house and their smartphones need to be set to silent. That way, the house can provide members with everything they need to relax, be comfortable, and get their creative juices flowing.

Being a Member of Soho House

Soho House is not a place for members to talk about politics or controversial topics that will cause debate. Instead, members are encouraged to socialize and talk about their work, goals, skills, and dreams. Members will share tips and ideas with other members to help them advance their work and to possibly teach them new skills that they didn’t have before. As you can see, this is a special international community of creative artists who all understand and support each other. A lot of non-members have the false notion that they can get the same experience by meeting people at bars, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and parties. However, the problem with meeting people in these places is that they are not screened. Soho House has strict standards for their members to ensure they are truly creative artists who are serious about their craft and will respect the rules of the establishment.

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