Living In Saint Germain Des Pres And Studying French At La Sorbonne

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Living In Saint Germain Des Pres And Studying French At La Sorbonne

The best place to study and experience the French language and culture is – the Sorbonne in Paris! What’s it like living in Saint Germain Des Pres and studying french at Sorbonne?

Great Programs At La Sorbonne

With other international students, attend classes at the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne at the Université de Paris IV. Learn French language more deeper and wider at one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The programs here are high quality and very flexible. Sorbonne is a center dedicated to teaching French to students from around the globe. The program objective is to give all foreign students, whatever their level, the opportunity to attend French Language and Culture courses in Paris. Semester and academic year programs are designed for students who are beginners in French Language speaking, those that speak French at the intermediate level and above. You can increase your proficiency while deepening your understanding of French culture by choosing some elective courses along with your language classes. The summer program is formulated for students at all language levels. It has two parts: Language (cours pratiques) and Phonetics. Over 150,000 students from around the world have participated in these programs. The programs are even opened to all adults and all levels of ability. One thing you should know is that all courses are taught in French, and Certificate of Completion will be given to each student upon completing the course.


There is no campus. ‘No campus’ means no hostel or dormitory. This isn’t bad news though. There are accommodations for student in Paris. As per the campus, you study where people work, where people live. You’re surrounded by restaurants, working people, shops, book stores, cafés, cinemas, and many more. You’re basically living in Paris! You’ll study in different centers or Institute all over Paris. Housing is provided in student residences by CSA (an organization that provides housing). CSA provides housing booking links when confirmed in the program. Using the CSA web-links, it’s easy to review housing options and make your booking. You can get meals to eat at residence restaurants and cafeterias. Some of the housing facilities also allow cooking. You have low cost housing options provided by CSA.


If you’re living in Saint-Germain, you definitely love its beautiful environment. You’ll enjoy walking around Saint-Germain. It has nice places like cafes with heated outside patios, galleries, lots of bookshops, and enough metro stations for easy movement all over the city. The Sorbonne area is the area of Paris where you want to find a park, sit down, and take captivating pictures or write books. It makes you feel like you could be that inspired. There are a great number of cafes, especially in the street known as ‘Rue de Buci’. Cafe le Conti has free unlimited wifi! The buildings here are old and classic. Great architecture. A very nice and condusive environment to live in.

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