Skating and Veggie Fun in Barcelona!

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Skating and Veggie Fun in Barcelona!

The video starts with a skater on a highway coming into the city, he is a young guy and clearly his destination is The Pan’s Club as the restaurant’s door sign cuts in. The skater is a young guy out to have fun on a bright sunny day. The city is his for the taking as he gently glides across wide streets and along narrow back alleys to get to hid destination.

The video then introduces the skater girl. She is young, free and clearly an expert skater as she flips the skate board from pavement to street level, catches up with it, climbs on and does several turning maneuvers. She gets to the restaurant where the other skater is meeting her for a date.

Veggie delicacies

There is a choice of savory delicacies to choose from, the young couple opt for a veggie pizza and a couple of burgers with sauce. It’s a happy meal, clearly seen from the way the couple enjoy feeding each other and taking big bites.

THE PANS CLUB food bag is clearly seen with the byline ‘Homemade Veggie food.’ The young couple takes another order in the food bag which is carried by the young guy skater as they skate care-free along the streets of Barcelona. The video ends with THE PAN’S CLUB contact details.

Barcelona’s premier veggie restaurant

This promo video is a hip video ad by THE PAN’S CLUB, which is a vegetarian food restaurant in Barcelona. It has been open since 2015, offering French and Mediterranean cuisine under the watch of master chef Chloe Saada. The restaurant has had good reviews on TripAdvisor and is quite popular with locals and tourists alike.

There is a fun range of delicacies suited for those who like the adventurous side of life like the skating couple. The restaurant claims to have the best brunch in Barcelona. The delicacies are made to match the vibrant spirit of Barcelona, a city of fun, sun and beautiful people.

THE PAN’S CLUB offers has what their hip customers need; pastries, smoothies, burgers, pizza all veggie style. There is breakfast/brunch, lunch and takeaways. These delicacies can also be delivered where the customer is. Eat and carry whatever you fancy. The beautiful lunch box will come with a quiche salad, and a smoothie or mineral water. The restaurant’s approach to food is fun and flexible, just like skating.

Promo video

This promo video was produced by KlapshopNevada club Production – Call me agency. For professional promo videos, check out their contacts here.

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