French Cuisine Has Been Declared A ‘World Intangible Heritage’ By UNESCO

French Cuisine Has Been Declared A ‘World Intangible Heritage’ By UNESCO

What Is The French Cuisine About?

France is considered the home of inventive cuisine. The French are world famous for their rich delicious dishes served with flair and passion. The French Cuisine embraces the idea that food should be savored enjoyed and experienced. It has now been declared a ‘World Intangible Heritage’ by UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). France has a uniquely rich history. A history that has sculpted and refined the country’s food culture over hundreds of years. French cuisine is probably the most important influence in the culinary world today and the people of France are passionate and proud of their extraordinary food culture. French Cuisine is all about the French people and the passion and time they show for their cooking and their love for eating. While in France, you’ll noticed that there are lots of shops everywhere you go, especially in Paris and it’s a clear indication of how much time the locals do spin around at the dinner table with friends and family. Chefs from all over the globe, travel to France to learn from the best chefs in the most well-regarded restaurants. When it comes to French Cuisine, it’s all about food magic and creativity. There are lots of cooking styles. The french cuisine still remains the best in the world. No wonder UNESCO declared it a world intangible heritage.

Why French Cuisine?

French Cuisine is about the incentive of the cooking process itself. Chefs combine a multitude of subtleties from components of different foods bringing them together into a specific bouquet of a flavor. They strive to avoid simple high notes in the taste where a specific flavor component drives the dish. All ingredients are prepared in a very delicate and dedicated manner. Many dishes can take anything from 6 hours to over 20 hours to prepare. French cuisine is not really about special planning or decorum like you might think. French Cuisine lets you relax at the end of the day, sit down with your friends and/or family, and have a great time enjoying the good company, and good food. Ever wondered why the French Cuisine was declared a world intangible heritage? The UN culture and education agency intangible heritage list was started in 2003 to preserve the world’s art forms and traditions considered under threat from globalization. UNESCO’s reason for choosing French Cuisine was because it is a social custom which objective is to celebrate the most important moments in the lives of people. Due to a long campaign held by a group of leading chefs who fear French cuisine is under threat from modern life and the global food industry, the French Cuisine was able to enter the list of the world’s intangible cultural cultures.

Experiencing ‘French Cuisine’ At ‘The Pan’s Club’

You don’t need to go all the way to France to have these experience. If you are in Barcelona, Spain, you can visit The Pan’s Club to have this experience. The Pan’s Club is a popular flexi-vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, Spain serves a wide variety of delicious original recipes inspired by French Cuisine. Although the menu here is vegetarian, proposals which includes salmon and chicken are offered. If you want to experience ‘French Cuisine’ in Barcelona, ‘The Pan’s Club’ is one restaurant you must try. It is a top rated restaurant on Trip Advisor and is well known for exceptional quiche, yummy health breakfast and a wonderful brunch menu. Wonderful salads and smoothies made with the freshest fruit and mineral water are also offered here. Lots of people testify that The Pan’s Club is a beautiful restaurant with great atmosphere, tasty and healthy food and very lovely staff. There is a large menu on the wall and you can look at the food behind the counter. It’s nice that you can see the food before you eat it. Enjoy!

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