France wins its second stars

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The anticipation and thrill of the finals

It was a well-anticipated evening, and the followings from France, Croatia, and all around the world gathered together to witness the final match of the World Cup, which was won by the French team. The thrilling spirit and eventful happening of the match made everyone wonder that who would take the trophy home. After juggling with the football with efforts and enthusiasm, it was announced that France has earned itself a second football World Cup, and the audience burst into applause and tears.

The French team and Croatian team were invited to play the final game in Moscow, Russia on Sunday, and the speculation of the game kept everyone wondering about the events of the evening. France has announced itself as a football champion and winner of the World Cup in 1998, and 20 years later, the zeal and passion of the football players made them take the trophy to their home.

The game initiated with Croatia scoring a convincible goal, and due to the tumultuous upbeat of the game, the people were ready to declare Croatia as the winner of the tournament. However, the French players were determined to make it work and the next two goals and the shots made by French players claimed the World Cup trophy in their name at a victorious score of 4-2. It is no wonder that France was widely appreciated for its teamwork during its time in Russia, and the team work of the players earned them their well-deserved victory.

France moves up the list with its double 

With France winning the World Cup twice, it has joined the likes of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Italty, and Germany, the countries who have also earned the privilege to win the World Cup trophy twice. In addition to that, France has acquired the reputation for becoming a pioneering team in scoring four goals in the finale, since Brazil scored against Italy in 1970. Les Bleus also managed to score four goals against Argentina.

It is no wonder that Les Bleus manager, Didier Deschamps, contributed his role as a team caption in the 1998 match to win the World Cup, when France played against Brazil, and after a time span of 20 years, he exhibited the same zeal as a coach and player to win France a second World Cup trophy.

Despite the long-awaited and highly anticipated match, the triumph was truly meant for France and the team collaboratively actively and followed confidently to be able to win the match. This victorious win will go down in history as memorable and unforgettable, and it will be commemorated by the current and upcoming French generations for several years from now.

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