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What Are Mocktails?

Mocktails are blended beverage containing no liquor. The name says it all; mocktails are cocktails without the alcohol. The name ‘mock-tail’ means it is intending to mimic cocktails. These mixed drinks look the same as cocktails (mixed drinks with liquor or other spirits) in appearance, but are without the liquor. You can also describe them as a smooth blend of only non-alcoholic drinks. The contents can contain syrups, fresh fruit juices, herbs and spices, cream, and many more. Mocktails are designed specifically for non-alcoholic drinkers or people trying to refrain from alcoholic. That is to say; these blends can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Pregnant women, drivers, and party goers who like alcohol-free drinks favor Mocktails over Cocktails. There are different varieties of Mocktails: Fizzy, non-fizzy, frozen, hot, and cream-based types. Most mocktail recipes contain at least one or more fruits or fruit juices. These recipes can be enjoyed at home as they are easy to make. Mocktails are refreshing health drinks. You can also decide to have your mocktails at restaurants or bars that serve them. You can help keep the summer temperatures down at social gatherings and other various events and gatherings by serving these non-alcoholic health drinks. Mocktails are well cherished by non-vegetarians, flexivegetarians and vegetarians especially. These drinks can be just as interesting and creative as regular cocktails. You might have some that will have you thinking about the reason you take alcohol; if you do take alcohol.

When Is The Best Time To Take Mocktails?

If you’re talking about the right time to take mocktails, I’d tell you anytime and anyplace. But, there are still special times that requires mocktails. It can be at family and friends picnics, family dinner, get-together, birthday parties, congratulation parties, movie nights and many other social gatherings. The list is probably endless. The best time to take and enjoy mocktails is during summer. With the hot weather and temperature, having a cool, sweet, natural drink to take can be really refreshing and helpful. To enjoy mocktails, there are some specific mocktail recipes that will be to good to miss! These are five Summer Mocktail recipes that you must try out: Number one is the Classic Shirley Temple. This is a drink enjoyed by both adults and kids. It’s a simple drink made up of a grenadine, lime, orange juice and a slice of cherry or orange. It’s best served in a glass of ice. Number two is the Pomegranate Spritzer. This is a very cosmopolitan drink made up of different flavors. We have seltzer, ginger ale, lemon, pomegranates, and ice cubes. Number three is the Virgin Mint Lemonade. This drink is very easy to make with sugar, water, fresh lime juice, and mint leaves. It is best served chilled. Number four is the Non-alcoholic Fizz. This drink is an alternative to the Madras cocktail. It is popular among women in different parts of the world. It’s made from cranberry juice, orange juice, club soda and ice. It can also be garnished with orange slices, kiwi chunks or pineapple. The fifth and the last one is the Bellini. Bellini is the non-alcoholic counterpart of the famous Venetian cocktail. It is made up of nectar or peach extract mixed with sparkling apple cider. It can be taken all seasons but is best served chilled in the summers.

The Best Mocktails For Your Kids

Selecting the right kind of beverage or mocktail for kids isn’t an easy job. Kids can be quite picky sometimes. Don’t you worry, these are the top 3 popular mocktails cherished by kids. They’ll surely like them. Number one on the list is the Holiday Shirley Temple. This mocktail is so much loved by kids due to its classic and impressive layered presentation. Its ingredients are grenadine, sprite, orange juice and probably a cherry. Number two is the Apple Cider Sangria. This mocktail is prepared by using various fruits along with apple cider. It looks beautifully made and taste wonderful. Kids are sure to love it. The last one is the Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade Recipe. Made up of finely chopped strawberries, fresh lemonade, ginger ale, and ice; this mocktail is liked by all kids. Who doesn’t like strawberries. Your kids is surely going to like at least one -if not all- of these popular kids mocktails.

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